Data Predictions in minutes,
without writing code.

Our no-code data science platform for collaborative data teams

We help teams make sense of complex datasets using machine learning algorithms,
without having to do any of the work

Leveraging AutoML, the platform helps non-technical individuals upload, clean and identify key features in their data to power results.

How it works

Enabling collaboration

When data is uploaded to the Datalyst platform it’s synthesised and “twinned”, allowing multiple teams to work on a dataset at any given time, enabling and empowering collaboration.

No technical knowledge

The entire process of AI predictions, packaged into just a few clicks.
Designed to be effortless with No code. No drama.

Our customers

Decision makers

With the growing opportunity to collect data, Datalyst can identify the datasets that are worth investing time and money in.

Product managers

Data can be overwhelming, Datalyst can determine which datasets hold meaning and value to create and define new products.

Data scientists

Data scientists can benefit from Datalyst through the automation of processes, saving time and resources.