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Personalised workshops

Hands-on learning experiences which adapts to your schedule and requirements

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An online curriculum that encapsulates the most relevant & important topics for you

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Unlimited mentoring, empowering you to get the most out of Datalyst Academy

Career support

We help you find your feet and a career in data science with interview prep and CV screening

Comprehensive, modular curriculum

Datalyst Academy

Become a data scientist with lite and pro versions of the full course to suit all budgets.


Learn more about specific modules on natural language processing, recommender systems and more.

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Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Course Lead & CDO Nitrous


Involved in the area of data science and artificial intelligence for nearly a decade, Dr. Kampakis has a  multi-disciplinary background including: statistics, mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, two MSc degrees in AI, and a PhD in Computer Science.

He is also a member of the Royal Statistical Society and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. You can read more about his work on his blog, The Data Scientist.

George Johnston

Industry Lead


George is the founder and CEO of Nitrous, an organisation set up to drive urban impact in Cities.

He created Datalyst, as part of Nitrous in response to a need from startups and bigger organisations to create machine learning capabilities to shape cities and the way people interact with them.