It takes data science resources, which are often limited, to identify which urban data has commercial or operational value

DataX Platform

DataX can read any dataset, identify problems, automatically extract insights, and build predictive models for any outcome.

Leveraging AutoML, the platform helps non-technical individuals upload, clean and identify key features in their data to power results.

How it works

Enabling collaboration

When data is uploaded to the DataX platform it’s synthesised and “twinned”, allowing multiple teams to work on a dataset at any given time, enabling and empowering collaboration.

Supporting co-creation

Data is often brought to the table as an asset in co-creation partnerships, but it can be poor quality or commercially sensitive making innovation difficult. DataX helps keep data private and secure, by making datasets anonymous and uniform for all parties to work on. 

Our customers

Innovation officers

With the growing opportunity to collect data, DataX can identify the datasets that are worth investing time and money in.

Product managers

Data can be overwhelming, DataX can determine which datasets hold meaning and value to create and define new products.

Data scientists

Data scientists can benefit from DataX through the automation of processes, saving time and resources.