Upskill your company to take on the AI revolution

Datalyst Academy: Enterprise

Technical workshops

Let us take your team through our expert syllabus, with interactive workshops giving your team the know-how to embrace data science.

Private tuition

Need to upskill your team on a particular topic? Let our experts help with private, flexible sessions for your team members.

Custom classes

Unsure how to get the most from your data? Let us have a look and help guide your team to reach the solution.

Why Datalyst Academy: Enterprise?


Enhance your technical team

Utilising data and extracting insights is the new competitive advantage in the digital age. We give your teams the technical know-how to propel your company and get ahead.


Tailored training for you

Data not working for your business? Let us help your team with a tailored learning programme, working on relevant company problems.


Dr. Stylianos Kampakis

Course Lead & CDO Nitrous


Involved in the area of data science and artificial intelligence for nearly a decade, Dr. Kampakis has a  multi-disciplinary background including: statistics, mathematics, economics, cognitive psychology, two MSc degrees in AI, and a PhD in Computer Science.

He is also a member of the Royal Statistical Society and the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. You can read more about his work on his blog, The Data Scientist.

George Johnston

Industry Lead


George is the founder and CEO of Nitrous, an organisation set up to drive urban impact in Cities.

He created Datalyst, as part of Nitrous in response to a need from startups and bigger organisations to create machine learning capabilities to shape cities and the way people interact with them.


One level

£1,499per level
£1,499per level
  • or £499 per month

  • 3 months access to online content
  • 1 month 24/7 tutor support

Two levels

£1,379per level
£1,379per level
  • or £459 per month

  • 6 months access to online content
  • 2 months 24/7 tutor support

Full course

£1,119per level
£1,119per level
  • or £279 per month

  • 1 year access to online content
  • 3 months 24/7 tutor support
  • Career coaching and mentorship